Mars (Marcin) Depiński


Mars is an experienced product focused architect and technical manager specializing in leading teams to deliver high quality software solutions quickly. Mars has over 20 years of experience building end-to-end software systems in the financial, health, entertainment, education and online media space at company sizes ranging from tiny start-up to large corporation with over 10 years in management roles with various levels of hands-on work. He is an expert in software engineering (currently referred to as coding) and systems design and administration (currently known as DevOps).

Mars has learned to do everything from configuring servers and networks, planning for cooling and power, monitoring systems and software for performance and availability, building software systems in several different programming languages on more and less popular platforms, tuning databases, working with large amounts of user data, planning and managing IT budgets, dealing with vendors and outsourcing, looking for funding, developing various processes for backup, testing, deployment, disaster recovery and business continuity, interviewing and hiring engineers and IT staff and leading those hires in the development of well-tested, high-performance, useful software.

Mars is an avid snowboarder, golfer, and traveller. Mars holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, with specializations in Software Engineering Management and Networks and Databases. He is a life long knowledge seeker and continues to learn by taking online courses, reading, attending conferences, appearing at meet-ups and keeping in touch with intelligent, thoughtful and interesting people.

Resume / CV

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Technologies and Experience

It's difficult to keep this list up-to-date as technology evolves. I work with many technologies as the need arises. Please refer to my CV for an updated list.

management: building and leading software and IT teams, agile, scrum

languages: Java, PHP, Kotlin, Perl, C, C++, Ruby, Lisp, JavaScript, R, Octave, bash, HTML, CSS, Julia, ...

systems: linux, cisco ios, hp procurve, mikrotik, freebsd, ...

databases: mysql, postgresql, redis

virtualization: kvm, openvz, lxc, proxmox, openstack, cloudstack, ceph, docker, vbox, vmware

big data: hadoop, spark, accumulo, hive, hbase, solr, bigquery, athena, dataflow, bigtable

cloud: AWS, GCP, OpenStack, Heroku, ...

theory: computer systems & architectures, machine learning, computer algorithms, agile methods, distributed computing, networks, ...

other: git, subversion, jira, github, bitbucket, gitlab, trac, bugzilla, opennms, cacti, nagios, puppet, grafana, graphite, promethues, influxdb, fluentd, ...